Aurora Jewellery from Orkney

Glide Pendant from Aurora Jewellery

We have just had a delivery of beautiful Aurora Jewellery from Orkney.

Aurora use traditional methods and tools to create unique pieces, each of which combines a freshness of design with quality craftsmanship, overseen by master craftsman Steven Cooper.  Although made in the traditional way the jewellery designs are really contemporary.  Many of the sterling silver pieces are finished with 9ct gold detailing which make the pieces feel really fresh.

Traditional methods and tools are used to create unique pieces of jewellery. Each marries fresh design with quality craftsmanship, which cannot be replicated by modern machine manufacturing techniques.

Each piece of Aurora jewellery has an appeal beyond the conventional markets forging a new link between traditional skill and innovative design.

We are delighted to be stocking the Elska, Glide and Forget-me-not collections.