Our Jewellery

When you are looking for a special gift for someone special quite often you have a piece of jewellery in mind and we have a great variety to choose from. We carefully select our Jewellery so its always a pleasure for you to choose that special gift.

Some of our jewellery is from bigger well known and respected companies like:

British jewellery designer, Kit Heath Kit Heath is renowned for creating beautiful sterling silver jewellery.  This is a range of beautiful, classic and contemporary pieces which are designed to be worn, seen and enjoyed every day.

The Aurora Jewellery collection is hand crafted by skilled silversmiths in the beautiful Orkney Islands in Scotland, and the pieces are contemporary designs made in sterling silver jewellery finished with 9ct gold detailing.Traditional methods and tools are used to create unique pieces, each of which combines a freshness of design with quality craftsmanship, overseen by master craftsman Steven Cooper.

We also stock silver jewellery from smaller studios and currently are delighted to stock  Claire Troughton's work.  Claire is an established jewellery designer with almost 20 years experience. Claire studied at Edinburgh College of Art and now makes pieces inspired by nature and her love of the outdoors, at her studio in Chester. Fran gets compliments every time she wears her signature piece the large dragonfly pendant.

We also love Julie Fountains Beach Art Glass.  Julie uses a technique known as lamp work where colourful Italian glass rods are melted and shaped in a flame, then glass detail and fine silver highlights are added.  The result is a stunning miniature work of art that capture the essence of the seashore in glass.