Now stocking The Fabric Vase Company

We really love the new stock from “The Fabric Vase Company”.  We met Heather at the recent British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate and immediately fell in love with her delightful fabric vases.  Simple print fabrics in neutral colours mixed with a plain fabric are used to create these quirky vases.  How do they not leak?  we hear you shout – well thats the really clever bit – you can use any old jam jar, chipped glass or even a trimmed plastic water bottle and place that inside the fabric  to make a beautiful and unusual vase.  You could actually use them for pens, wooden spoons or anything else you fancy.

One of the most difficult gifts to buy are the ones that have to be sent, but as these vases come flat packed, tied with a ribbon and tag explaining how to use them they will be perfect for sending through the post.

We told you recently one of the best things about going to the British Craft Trade Fair is you get to meet the makers and hear their stories.  We were delighted to hear that although Heather now lives in Ely, Cambridgeshire she used to live in Scotland and loves Haddington as she often attended craft fairs here to sell her hand made childrens clothes.  Needless to say she is delighted the Malt Kiln have decided to stock her fabric vases as much as we are to have them.