L’Occitane Douceur Immortelle Uplifting Soap 200g


Dive into thrilling emotions and sensations with L’Occitane’s  newest luxury soaps filled with essential oils.

Palm oil-free and gentle on the skin, this soap create’s a creamy lather that leave hands and skin clean and delicately scented.

Essential oils of immortelle, basil, cypress, eucalyptus and litsea cubeba come together in a fragrance that’s deliciously aromatic. It’s the kind of scent that leaves you smiling and feeling good inside, the scent of joie de vivre…

Start by producing enough foam to apply to your skin. Do this by splashing water on your hands. Then take the soap between your hands and rub for about 15 seconds until you have some foam on your hands. Set the bar of soap down and continue to rub your hands together until a nice, creamy foam has been worked. Apply to damp skin. Massage your hands or the whole body then rinse thoroughly with water while continuing to massage.



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