Magnificent Moggies Diary 2021

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Tadarr! Your 2021 Magnificent Moggies’ Diary features twelve lovely new superstars to take you through the year. On each month you can delight in the original artwork illustration by Anna Danielle and know that somewhere in the world there is a furry feline, feeling fabulously famous but playing it super cool in the way that only cats can do!

The diary also has a useful pocket on the inside of the back cover for receipts. Last but not least this diary has a colour co-ordinated page marker ribbon. I know, life is good!

The diary is sized 16.5cm x 10.5cm

The date space is 2cm x 6.5cm

12 Coloured Month Pages

Month at a Glance Pages

Must Do This Month Pages

Birthday & Anniversary Pages

Notes & Notable Dates Pages

2021 Year to View Planner

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