Powder Socks Rock

Another new delivery has just arrived at The Malt Kiln – Powder Socks. We have been stocking lovely scarfs from Powder for quite a while now. With their new designs for each season and the beautiful complementary gift bags they make great gifts, and we are delighted to see the Powder brand grow and excited that the new sock range for spring summer 2016 has just arrived.

The long socks are made from 80% cotton 10% nylon and 10% elastane and the fantastically soft short socks are 80% bamboo 10% nylon and 10% elastane that helps keep them keep their shape. Long socks and short socks in stripes, hearts, dots and flowers, adorned with buttons, bows and ribbons, what is not to love! The socks come packaged in a beautiful gift bag, so they are ready just to give as the perfect pressie.